Вертолет Ми-8

Вертолет среднего класса Ми-8 – один из самых известных в мире, имеет легендарную надежность и широкую область применения.

Вертолет Ми-2

Легкий многоцелевой вертолет Ми-2 применяется во многих странах и эксплуатируется в самых различных климатических условиях.

Convers Avia Airline

In 1995 Convers Avia Airline JSC got primary Air Operator Certificate for the right to perform commercial air transportations and aviation works.

Long term of stable activity on the aviation market emphasizes correctness of the chosen principles of Company management, reliable relations with partners and customers, and the professional level of the certificated services and employees.

At this moment the Air Company is a big Russian Air Operator of helicopters. The fleet consists of 40 helicopters (Mi-8Т, Мi-8МТV, Мi-8AMT, Мi-2). The main part of the aircraft is owned by the Air Company. The total annual flight hours make till 16 thousand hours.

The Air Company personnel consists of 450 peoples – the professionals having the great experience and the all necessary licenses.

Each helicopter has the sufficient operation life for safety air operations. Actions on overhaul period renewal of helicopters and aggregates and their timely replacement are constantly spent according to bulletins of the aviation industry of Russia. The engineering-aviation service of the Company carries out full maintenance of Mi-8T, Mi-8MTV (AMT) and Mi-2 helicopters.

The Air Company base heliport is Tver (Zmeyovo), located at the distance of 160 km from Moscow. The Air Company is the founder and the joint proprietor of this airport.

The main amount of aviation work is performed in the Russian Federation. The main customers are bi Russian enterprises of fuel-energy industry, tour operators, transportation companies, area and district administrations.

Also the air operations are carried out on the ice breakers and vessels in Arctic (Barents Sea, Franz Josef Land, the North Pole), and abroad – Norway, Afghanistan, the Middle East and African countries using Mi-8MTV(AMT) helicopters.

The main principles of Convers Avia Airline JSC activity are guaranteeing of the highest level of flights safety, stability of the Company development, the confident growth of Aviation Park alongside with long- term mutually advantageous relations with customers.


Address: Zmeyovo airport industrial area, Kalinin district, Tver region, 170007, RUSSIA

Air Operations Department

Phone: +7 (903) 8064747
Phone: +7 (4822) 78-20-20, 38-00-50 ext. 140, 114
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Phone: +7 (4822) 78-20-20, 38-00-50
Fax: +7 (4822) 38-00-50 ext. 112
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